A prudent media strategy helps brands to cut the chase and beat competition in the market today. Even a tiny glitch could hamper a brand’s perception amongst its target audience. Helping you choose the best media solutions, we devise a strategy that revolves around bringing your objectives and the consumer’s needs on the same page. An ability to generate exclusive content and help you market them through the right medium, especially through evolving and new social media, makes ITW Media a bankable option.
The media team at ITW believes in using new media to provide both content and platform that integrate seamlessly into sport allowing brands to reach out to newer and wider audiences.

Digital Marketing Solutions
We understand the needs of the ‘netizens’ who constitute your target group and formulate a digital marketing strategy aimed at greater user engagement, and positive and lasting brand recall.
Content Syndication
A dynamic digital content team provides us the in-house capability to create bespoke and engaging sports content to integrate into your brand’s message, and generate constant audience engagement.
Television Rights & Broadcast Sales
Facilitating your association with a prestigious sporting event, we set the stage for you to reap maximum benefits off your investment by reaching out to millions of viewers across a given region.
Sports Production (Television)
We stand capable of deploying the necessary tools, technology, and skills required to withstand a viewer’s attention and providing him/her the best viewership experience during live sport broadcast productions.

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