At the heart of a great event, lie three catalysts that drive its success – insightful planning, meticulous execution, and delivery of conjoined results. Our prime objective is to communicate a message which is in line with the client’s needs, appealing in the eyes of the audience, and fulfils the desired goals.
At ITW, we build an event for a client based on coherent thought process, radical ideas, and strategic business objectives which are intended to achieve efficiency in the results out of the resources deployed.
Brand Activations
We design brand activations with maximum impact in mind giving the right kind of push to scale the brand’s identity, and entice a fruitful interaction between the brand and the audience.
Product Launches
Keeping the product’s unique offering at the forefront, we curate an event which ensures the longevity of the brand recall of the product among existing and prospective customers.
Knowing the tricks of the trade enables us to put together varied corporate events, be it an exhibition, conference, or promotional tours, which helps a client build a stronger rapport with its stakeholders.
Award Shows / Live Concerts
We ensure the award shows and live concerts see the best talent and glamour under the spotlight in a spectacle that leaves the audience awed and allured to take back priceless memories.

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